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Finding organizations that truly align with the foundation’s mission and values can be challenging. Join us and support initiatives that genuinely promote cross-cultural understanding and global awareness.

Impact and sustainabilty

The Africa Society launched Teach Africa in 2002 in Washington, D.C. Since then, the program
has been successfully implemented in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Portland, Houston,
Los Angeles, and Atlanta. And we’re still going!!


administrators been
engaged and trained


students having been educated and provided with educational materials


Teachers trained and educated 

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Educational and cultural initiatives
that align with your organisation

Highlight your dedication to cultural understanding, education, and community
development through initiatives that align with your brand and reflect your
commitment to community engagement and social responsibility.

Make an Impact

Access concise, well-structured content that provides comprehensive insights into African topics.

Contribute to Long-Term Sustainability

Support initiatives that have lasting effects and programs that lead to tangible social change even after funding ends.

Balance Modernization

Support the values of the continuity of traditions in changing times with a partner that strikes a balance between preserving cultural heritage and adapting to modern contexts.

Bridge The Gap

Foster inclusivity and representation of marginalized voices through programs that bridge gaps in access and opportunity for local communities.

Promote Adaptation to Technology

Support educational initiatives that will adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of technology and online learning



We invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, enlightenment, and empowerment to reshape narratives, challenge stereotypes, and contribute to a more informed and united world that values the richness of African cultures and societies.



USAID, or the United States Agency for International Development, is a U.S. government agency that helps countries fight poverty, promote democracy, and recover from disasters. They provide aid like food, healthcare, and education to make the world a safer and more prosperous place.



Mars Corporation, famous for its candy, pet care, and food products, takes corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously. They focus on sustainability, aiming to reduce their environmental impact, and improving the lives of people and pets. Their efforts include using renewable energy and supporting communities worldwide.


Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation is a global organization that focuses on reducing poverty, promoting social justice, and advancing human achievement. Through corporate social responsibility (CSR), they fund various initiatives, including education, civil rights, and sustainable development, aiming to create a more equitable and just world. Their work spans across countries, making significant impacts.

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